This project launched off of a photography workshop I attended and found myself healed in an area that I didn't know was broken...I came home excited to share it with my mama, as it related mostly to our connection and history. I asked her to step in front of my camera the day after I shared my story and tears, and the sun decided to hide from us. These images are what she offered me however and I will forever be grateful for them and the woman my mama is. 

I read this Richard Rohr quote recently and it immediately made me think of my mama: 

"I have committed myself to joy. I have come to realize that those who make space for joy, those who prefer nothing to joy, those who desire the utter reality, will most assuredly have it. We must not be afraid to announce it to refugees, slum dwellers, saddened prisoners, angry prophets. Now and then we must even announce it to ourselves. In this prison of now, in this cynical and sophisticated age, someone must believe in joy." 

Life hasn't been easy and it's likely not going to be easy. She's learned to stand firm and find joy anyways. 

When I asked her to remember me as a little girl... 

Tenderhearted, compassionate and forgiving. My mom and dad don't have much yet they drive around their town with McDonalds coffees and homemade chicken noodle soup looking for "treasure" to give those small items away too. Serving the homeless is an extension of how she values others. If I could serve like anyone it would be her, she is truly the most generous person I know. 

My arm around her. Wearing a bracelet that reads mama. Remembering what it means to lay my head on her chest, to trust the space, to lean into the connection.