Backstory, Part I.

From Mel: For years I've longed to integrate my passions for art, storytelling, social justice and community. For years I was stumped as to how. I have a thriving newborn and photography business that I love, however, it isn't the platform for this work. After a recent Wildflower Photo workshop experience, this project crystalized and it is now it's own separate healing space...I recognize that the honesty in this space is not going to sit with everyone, however my desire is for it to be a safe practice of receiving story and loving others. 

The majority of the words in this space will be written by my neighbors, my sisters, my friends. 

My images. Your stories. This is a collaborative project. These are not models, these are participants, healers, truth tellers.

Nayyirah Waheed, poem from Salt.  

"if i write 

what you may feel

but cannot say.

it does not 


me a poet. 

it makes me a bridge.


i am humbled


i am grateful to assist your heart in speaking." 

Photo by Joy Prouty, Wildflower photo 2017

Photo by Joy Prouty, Wildflower photo 2017